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“Now you can transform your business into a commercially profitable enterprise that works without you, and not have to worry about paying a large sum of money to make this happen. By the end of this page you will agree with me that it is the most important letter you’ve ever read” – Brad Sugars.

Here’s what it is all about…

Brad Sugars has released 21 Profit Building eBooks revealing all of his inspirational business secrets that will help grow your business. Brad Sugars 21 eBooks will show you step-by-step how to drive your advertising dollar further, how to equip your business with the most successful sales team around and most importantly how to turn you business into a money making machine that works without you!!

But that’s not all…here’s the good news…

You can download each of Brad Sugars’ 21 Profit Building eBooks for FREE! All Brad asks is that you refer a friend to this site … it’s that easy!

This is great news for you, because you can take advantage of all Brad’s hard work! You now have a chance to learn all Brad Sugars’ hard-won secrets to turn your business into a profit building machine that frees you up to do the things that you really enjoy, such as spending more time with your family and friends or play that game of golf that you have been promising yourself.

If you have always thought that running a profitable business was difficult, you’ll be shocked and delighted when you see how easy it is after you have read Brad Sugars’ 21 eBooks for yourself!

Imagine how great it’ll feel to wake up in the morning and to see that while you were sleeping your business can work without you and actually still make money for you!

Here is a little bit about each of Brad’s eBooks that you can download for FREE!

Learn how to write powerful Sales Scripts to make price shopping a thing of the past… by Brad Sugars

From reading Instant Scripts you will learn:

  • The 5 Steps to Creating Powerful Scripts that will increase your businesses profits
  • How to write incoming and outgoing telephone and face-to-face scripts that will get your business RESULTS.
  • The difference between a successful script from an unsuccessful script
  • Show you exactly how to put together scripts that sound natural and lead to a SALE more often than anything you’ve ever tried.

Don't be mistaken... just because it's free you might think the content to be of lesser value.  Not so. Have a read of the testimonials down the side of this page and read what other people had to say after reading Brad Sugars’ eBooks?

Boost your Businesses Profits through Instant Strategic Alliances by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from Instant Strategic Alliances:

  • What a Strategic Alliance is and what you need to do to make it successful
  • The 6 Steps to creating a successful strategic alliance that will boost your profits
  • How you can identify a businesses that would make a great host for a strategic alliance
  • How you go about setting up and managing a strategic alliance

Are you beginning to see just how much valuable information you are going to learn just by reading Brad Sugars’ eBooks?

And they are free! What a bonus.

Turn your Yellow Pages advertising into Gold by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn for my eBook Instant Yellow Pages;

  • What makes a successful yellow pages advertisement
  • Why you should advertise in the yellow pages
  • The 5 Steps to Yellow pages success
  • How to write a killer yellow pages ad
  • What ads work and what doesn’t


Drive your advertising dollar further with Instant Testing and Measuring by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from Instant Testing and Measuring:

  • The 3 important things about testing and measuring and why we do it
  • How to analyze your test and measure results
  • Where your customers come from, which marketing campaigns are working and how well your salespeople are doing or even how much each sale is costing you.
  • Once you know these things, by reading Instant Testing and Measuring it will give you the power to make decisions, and good ones. You know which marketing campaigns to kill, or improve, and which to spend more money on.
  • Where your ‘key leverage point is’ - that is, the thing that you most need to improve. Perhaps your conversion rate is high but your leads are few - maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you’re doing well in both lead generation and conversion, but you’re not selling enough high priced items.
  • Once you know which area needs work, you can start to make some new, well-informed marketing decisions.

“Instant Testing and Measuring is an eBook that every business owner should read” – Brad Sugars

Transform your Brochures into a license to print money…by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Brochures:

  • Shows you how to create brochures that get read, and then get the phone ringing.
  • How to put together powerful brochures that make your prospect want to take Action. More importantly, you’ll have a selection of new brochures to start testing.
  • You’ll discover that putting together a great brochure doesn’t take great writing skills, nor does it require any knowledge of graphic design. With a little bit of common sense and the info you’ll find in this guide, you’ll be able to create a killer brochure in no time, and it will WORK.

Turn your Business Cards & Letterheads into sale generating machines by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Business Cards and Letterheads:

  • Show you how to create already proven to work business cards that bring you more business, and letterheads that actually make you more sales.
  • Teach you exactly how to put together a set of business stationery that looks good, but more importantly, does some good for your bottom line.
  • On top of that, you’ll have the drafts of your new business cards and letterheads complete, ready to take to the printers.
  • Take you through the step by step process of designing your new stationery, from deciding on colors and typefaces, right through to how to get the best deals on printing and duplication.

Learn how to get noticed and keep the phones ringing from your Classified Advertising by Brad Sugars

Here what you will learn from my eBook Instant Classified Advertising:

  • How to create effective classified advertisements that get noticed and acted upon.
  • What makes a successful classified advertisement
  • The Steps to Classified advertising – your target market, where and when to run your advertisement, how to write your classified advertisement and what size to make it.
  • More importantly, you’ll have an understanding of classified advertising, and the laws relating to it, to get you started.

Learn how to run After Hours Sales that will generate Cashflow… Fast! by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Closed Door Sales;

  • How to run special after-hours sales that generate cashflow ... fast!
  • How to put together powerful invitation letters, how to plan the evening and how make more sales than you thought possible.
  • What makes a successful closed door sale and the benefits of conducting closed door sale
  • This ebook gives you a COMPLETE strategy, from start to finish. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to run a super successful closed door sale.

Here’s how you can get prospects to commit to buy from you straight after they have read your direct mail letter… by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Direct Mail:

  • What makes a successful and unsuccessful direct mail letter
  • The 7 Steps to writing Great Direct Mail letters that will generate a response and make you money
  • The reasons and benefits to why you should use Direct Mail
  • How to find a suitable Direct Mail list
  • How to write a direct mail letter than works along with other guidelines to get your letter just right
  • Creating powerful direct mail offers
  • When to mail your direct mail letters

Learn how to create Flyers that will get everyone’s attention and make you money at the same time! by Brad Sugars

From my eBook Instant Flyers you will learn …

  • Exactly how to put together effective flyers that get read and acted upon
  • How to pinpoint your target market
  • How to write killer headlines
  • How to create a good offer that will get response
  • A selection of strategies to get you started
  • The importance of measuring the results

"Now you’ll have the skills to make flyers work for you" – Brad Sugars.

Here’s how you can make other businesses rave about your company to everyone they meet… by Brad Sugars

Instant Host Beneficiary Relationships shows you how to use other businesses to boost your profits.

Once you’ve been through this eBook, you will know …

  • Exactly how to approach other businesses and how to come up with offers that will encourage their database to deal with you.
  • How to write killer headlines for your letters to businesses and their customers and use teasing copy that gets people interested in reading what you have to say.
  • Powerful strategies to get you started.

Know how to work with other businesses to beef up your bottom line.

Drive your advertising dollars further with an Instant Radio Campaign by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Radio Campaigns:
  • The nature of radio advertising
  • The 7 Steps to writing a great radio commercial that works
  • The benefits of advertising on radio
  • The elements you should consider when advertising on radio

Turn your most average customer into a Raving Fan…by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from my eBook Instant Loyalty Strategies …

  • How to get the most out of your current customers and exactly how loyalty strategies can benefit your business.
  • How to put together loyalty strategies that work, yet don’t cut heavily into your profit margin.
  • A selection of developed strategies to choose from.

Get the skills to keep your customers coming back for more.

Turn your company newsletters into a sales machine…by Brad Sugars

Instant Newsletters shows you how to create an effective company newsletter that really promotes your business!

Once you’ve been through this eBook, you will know …

  • Precisely what it takes to produce a newsletter which not only gets read, but results in increased sales.
  • How to create powerful headlines and offers in your newsletters.
  • The importance of reaching your target market through a finely tuned mailing list.

Start to see real results for your marketing dollar.

Learn how to implement an effective Point of Sale System that will clear out your product quicker than you can blink your eye! by Brad Sugars

Instant Point of Sale Systems is your guide to creating an effective sales system for your company.

You will learn …

  • What you need to produce a Point of Sale System that generates increased sales.
  • How to increase your average dollar sale and get your customers to buy products they may not have otherwise considered.
  • Appeal to your target market and develop highly effective Point of Sale material.

Increase your sales dollars now.

Here’s how you can create newspaper and magazine ads that will stop readers in their tracks and get your phone ringing! by Brad Sugars

Once you’ve read through my eBook Instant Print Advertising you will know …

  • What it takes to make an ad work.
  • How to reach your target market and spend your advertising dollars wisely.
  • How to create killer headlines and offers that will draw your customers in.
  • Powerful strategies to get you started.

See real results for your advertising dollar.

Learn how to get your business in the news with Instant Press Release by Brad Sugars

In my eBook you will learn:

  • What free publicity can do for your business’ credibility.
  • How to generate more sales by getting free publicity.
  • What it takes to write an effective press release and get your story published.
  • How to write attention grabbing headlines.

An invaluable tool for all business owners.

Turn your customers into a force of motivated, passionate sales people… by Brad Sugars

Here is what you will learn from my eBook Instant Referrals:

  • What it takes and the strategies you need to adopt to stimulate loads of referrals
  • What a referral strategy is and how it can benefit your business
  • The elements that make a successful referral strategy
  • The types of customers you want referred to your business
  • The 5 Steps to creating a killer referral strategy
  • How you are going to encourage referrals to your business

Here’s how you can beat the pants off your competitors and WIN the job everytime! by Brad Sugars

Here’s what you will learn from Instant Quotes:

  • What makes a successful and unsuccessful quote
  • How to write quotes and follow-up scripts that will leave your competition for dead (any anything else you have ever tried) and win you the job

About the Author

Brad Sugars headshot Bradley J Sugars

Brad Sugars is a world-renowned Australian entrepreneur, author and business coach who has helped more than a million clients around the world find business and personal success.

Brad is a trained accountant, but as he puts it, most of his experience comes from owning his own companies. Brad Sugars has been in business for himself since age 15 in some way or another, although his father would argue he started at 7 when he was caught selling his Christmas presents to his brothers. He’s owned and operated more than two dozen companies, from pizza to ladies fashion, from real estate to insurance and many more..

His main company, ActionCOACH, started from humble beginnings in the back bedroom of a suburban home in 1993 when Brad Sugars started teaching business owners how to grow their sales and marketing results. Today, ActionCOACH has more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries and is ranked in the top 50 franchises in the world..

Brad Sugars has spoken on stage with the likes of Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Robert Kiyosaki and Allen Pease, written books with people like Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and Mark Victor Hansen, appeared on countless TV and radio programs and in literally hundreds of print articles around the globe. He’s been voted as one of the Most Admired Entrepreneurs by the readers of E-Spy Magazine next to the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Henry Ford, Richard Branson and Anita Roddick.

Today, ActionCOACH has Business Coaches across the globe and is ranked as one of the fastest growing franchises on the planet, as well as the world’s #1 business coaching firm. The success of ActionCOACH is simply attributed to the fact that the company applies the same growth and business development strategies for its own expansion as its coaches use with business owners..

Brad Sugars is a proud father and husband and in his own words, ‘a very average golfer’.

Check out Brad’s website and read the literally hundreds of testimonials from those who’ve gone before you.

If you would like to learn more about Brad Sugars check out

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What others have to say about Brad Sugars …

"Brad Sugars has one of the sharpest business minds, his knowledge and information is powerful yet extremely easy to implement. Listen to what Brad has to say."

- John R. Burley - Entrepreneur And Presenter

"One idea took a $300 marketing budget into $15,000 in sales. That's a 5000% return on investment. Thanks Brad."

- Craig Leaney - Pitney Bowes Mailing System

"We used Brad Sugars' headline idea and got a 1250% increase in response to our ads…"

- Ross Averton - Roscher Building Services

"I attended the introductory evening in Melbourne in April of this year and was amazed to hear "The Prince of Profit" (Brad Sugars) give such an eye-opening presentation …The following week I had increased my turnover by 24%."

- Neal Withington - Jurlique Doncaster

"Having you run a one-day team building workshop with my staff was the best thing we have done in a long time. I really didn't expect such a big change in attitude and team work after just one day."

- Ian Palmer - Integrity In Business

"Brad Sugars is the best presenter I have ever come across and his strategies to change your life are down to earth and achievable."

- Janet Houlihan, Southport

"Learning from Brad Sugars added an extra half million to my bottom line, that’s a 327% increase."

- Terry McNamara, Australia

"Both my partner and I have left the rat race and have increased our net worth to about $1.2 million thanks to Brad Sugars. We own over 50 investment properties worth about $3.8 million."

- John Fowler, South Plumpton

"I would like to thank Brad Sugars for your energy and foresight with the course by leveraging yourself and your ideas you have managed to reach out, touch and change many, many lives in a truly phenomenal way."

- Leonie Voyce, Christchurch

"My wife had to “drag” me along, because I didn’t think we could “afford” it. What a joke – a property deal we did at the end of the course using Brad’s rules, made a profit that paid for our course investment 2 ½ times over!"

- Steve Houlihan, Southport

"Our business tripled its turnover last year and tripled its profit."

- Danny Sunkel, Auckland, NZ

"I came back and analysed our books using the formulas and ideas I gained from a course by Brad Sugars. The end result has been turning a business that was hemorrhaging money to producing profits within 3 months of implementing changes."

- Susan & Daryl Jones, Wynnum North, QLD

"I have made more money in the last 6 months than in the previous 4 years put together."

- Willem Brown, Tauranga, NZ

"I've implemented many of Brad Sugars' principles and have turned my business from an owner operator (self employed) eight hundred thousand dollar hard slog to a near on seven million dollar company engaging 20 staff and 30 odd contractors. I have put on a General Manager, Sales and Production Managers. We have just sold a franchise to a group in Melbourne and am currently negotiating with people in Mt Gambier.

My advertising budget has gone from $20k using Yellow Pages and the odd sponsorship to $600k per annum.

People from competitive companies are also asking me for employment! Fifteen to eighteen percent of gross business is from referral or passive advertising equating to more than my original turnover two years ago!!!

Thank you Brad for your tips and incredible motivation for change."

- Sean Disbury - GottaGettaGroup

"Our business tripled its turnover last year and tripled its profit."

- Danny Sunkel, Auckland

"I came back and analysed our books using the formulas and ideas I gained from a course by Brad Sugars. The end result has been turning a business that was hemorrhaging money to producing profits within 3 months of implementing changes."

- Susan & Daryl Jones, Wynnum North

"I have made more money in the last 6 months than in the previous 4 years put together."

- Willem Brown, Tauranga

"I have started franchising my business, the first operator is up and running and showing good growth. I have set myself the goal of having at least one more set up by the end of 2004."

- Warren Hosnell, Lower Hutt

"I’ve changed the whole business, everything from sales, manufacturing and installation. I have systematized and have backups. The business now comes from ‘A’ customers and I’ve increased profits."

- Richard Hill, Christchurch

"I have helped set up and build a real estate investing company that buys, rejuvenates and on-sells property for a profit. I have become involved with a syndicate & purchased 24 cash flow positive units."

- Dianne Bereth, Neerabup

"I’ve changed my Point of Sale system for greater control for multi stores. My second store is to start in one month and three more are to start in the next 12 months. I have been more outspoken about my new ideas whereas in the past I would have kept them on paper."

- Mark Promnitz, Ingle Farm

"In the family business I helped introduce a referral system, created advertisements for newspapers, created email scripts, made a catalogue for products and researched other companies to get ideas Thanks Brad."

- Jolie Baty, Christchurch

"I’m more focused and have changed strategy on our business which is now improving about 10 – 12 % a month."

- Ben Sibley, Salisbury

"I have put the most effort into creating a great team environment within my business. I have seen a tremendous change in people’s attitudes, which has increased productivity without even trying!"

- Roger Stuart, Auckland

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